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All of us, young or old, have to consider what might happen when we are no longer around to look after our next of kin. We suggest, no matter what your age, that once you own assets in your name (in particular real estate/property) that consideration be given to making a Will. When a person does not make a Will, they die Intestate (the legal expression for a deceased person who has no Will) and the distribution of their assets will not be in accordance with their wishes but, rather in accordance with a set of rules as set out in the Succession Act 1965.

Given the choice, most people would prefer that their property be administered in circumstances where they are exercising some degree of control over the distribution of their assets.

The person who administers the Estate is usually referred to as the Executor or the Administrator. Carrying out this task can be stressful, especially in dealing with the Estate of a loved one. We provide all clients with a personal service, tailor made for their needs. We will guide you every step of the way in what can be a complex and time-consuming task. We will assist you with taxation advice and refer you to the relevant experts when necessary.

In the modern-day context, lots of people are now opting to create an Enduring Power of Attorney. This is a document which will give, to the persons you trust and respect, power to look after your affairs in the event that you are no longer physically and or mentally capable of taking care of yourself. Consideration of an Enduring Power of Attorney can be just as important as considering the contents of your last Will and Testament.

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